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A Water Damage & Mold Job In Bradenton

Besides being a traumatic experience, extreme flooding can also damage your furniture, floors, walls, and the structural integrity of your home. Even after clearing away water, lasting harm can still remain. 

Water damage and mold are two prevalent problems that Bradenton, UT, homeowners need to be aware of following a flood or a severe storm. Professional water cleanup and mold remediation team can ensure no lingering issues remain in your home’s affected areas. 

This post will detail the water damage and mold remediation work we’ve completed in Bradenton, UT. 

Project Description

Two primary types of flood damage exist: natural and unnatural. Natural flooding examples include disasters like storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and busted dams. 

Unnatural flooding may involve overflowing bathtubs and toilets, leaky or busted pipes, and malfunctioning appliances like water heaters. Even a tiny leak from a water heater in the basement can quickly escalate into significant damage to a person’s home. 

This case study examines the process of mitigating natural and unnatural water damage and mold in a home. In particular, standing water caused by heavy flooding and storms lead to mold growth and can cause illness when ingested. 

Recently, our AMPM Restoration team received a call to deal with structural damage and mold growth in Bradenton, UT. We immediately took action by using our tools to assess the total damage to the home. 

Project Solution

Whenever we’re working on a water damage and mold remediation job, our team always wears the proper protective equipment. This equipment includes rubber gloves, goggles, and safety vests. 

Our team of technicians worked on the client’s home for several days. After assessing the full extent of the water damage, our team started the restoration process by removing unsalvageable items. We threw away any items we couldn’t disinfect, such as: 

  • Mattresses
  • Books
  • Carpeting and rugs
  • Pillows
  • Upholstered furniture

Our team also had to clear away debris, such as broken drywall and insulation. We used floor squeegees to remove the first layer of water and any remaining residue on the floors. This step was just the beginning of the water extraction process. 

Unfortunately, moisture can remain in the air after removing visible water from a home’s floors. Before checking for any lingering moisture, our team washed and sanitized the client’s floors. This process involved warm, soapy water and chemicals like bleach to ensure a thorough cleaning. 

The most crucial reason to check for any remaining air moisture is to eliminate the threat of mold. Therefore, we checked the client’s home for remaining moisture and rigorously scrubbed and sanitized every visible surface, including the walls. 

Our team also checked areas mold likes to hide, such as under floorboards and behind the walls. Once we were sure we had eliminated the threat of mold, our technicians used professional equipment, such as industrial dehumidifiers and air movers, for the drying process. 

To prevent future problems, our team also investigated potential remaining issues like malfunctioning water appliances and checked for foul odors. 

Project Results

Our water damage repair job ensured the client’s home was in better shape and safer to inhabit. In addition, the client and their insurance company were happy with our technicians’ work. We also helped the client salvage crucial items and referred them to a contractor that could help them rebuild. 

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Although this project was challenging, the AMPM Restoration team efficiently and successfully handled the task. Our water damage and mold remediation services offer Bradenton residents reliable solutions at affordable rates. Give us a call at (941) 999-3361 if you need water damage repaired.

September 19, 2022