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Water & Mold Damage Mitigation After A Water Heater Leak In A Sarasota Home

As the leading provider of water damage remediation and mold removal/testing services in Sarasota, our technicians field hundreds of house calls from people with busted pipes, leaking roofs, and broken gutters every year. Mold problems often accompany water damage, and as weather patterns grow more unpredictable, they are only becoming more widespread.

Mold pops up more often than many think, lurking near any water source. Homeowners do not need a flood, broken shingles, or an adverse weather event to find mold-affected areas in their homes, such as our customer in this case study.

Project Description

Our Sarasota restoration team received a call from a troubled resident who began detecting musty smells from their office area.

During the consultation, the customer noted that they were trying to mitigate the problem without professional help by removing the wooden floorboards from the affected areas. However, the remediation process was far more complex and time-consuming than they thought.

Removing mold can take even an experienced technician several days, especially when furniture, clothes, paper, and other light materials are involved. DIY mold removal/testing methods may be cheaper and seem just as effective when mold is present, but they often leave problems unsolved or even cause more damage.

Our customer ordered an on-site inspection, and when our technician arrived at their residence, we discovered a recently fixed leak from a water heater close to the office room. Heating coils and evaporators are notorious for encouraging mold growth because they raise the ambient temperature of an entire room, creating an ideal habitat for fungal spores. Even though the homeowners stripped the wooden floors, we saw moisture penetrating the aggregate materials below them, extending to the garage.

We saw mold and microbial colonies infesting the area, and a built-in bookcase system prevented sunlight and ambient air from drying nearby the floors and walls. The back and underside of the bookcase system were still wet from the leak and displayed unmistakable signs of microbial growth inside the wood. An adjacent closet had also sustained water damage from the incident and was still wet upon inspection.

Project Solution

Our Sarasota restoration technicians quoted our customers a cost-efficient price for a mid-range water damage and mold removal/testing project that could take a few days to complete. Our new clients found our fees appropriate and gave us the green light.

Our workers began taking apart the water-damaged bookcase system. We removed two cabinets connected to a central desk mounted to a now moldy wall. We detached mold-infested wall boards two feet up from the floor and traced the bacterium trail, which graced the baseboards around the entire room.

The team eliminated the remaining moisture from the room with industrial ventilators and dehumidifiers and began treating the concrete aggregate with antimicrobial solutions. We salvaged the closet and began treating the now-dry floors before ensuring the room was 100% dry. The air purification and drying process required three days to complete.

Project Results

Our customers were glad they could now use their office space without mold spores infesting their furniture. They gave us a stellar rating and made full payment the same day.

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September 29, 2022