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Water Damage Cleanup In Bradenton, FL

When tasked with choosing a local water damage restoration company in Bradenton, homeowners are often tempted to simply pick the first option. They want to act quickly and know that spending time searching for the right company only causes delay. However, there’s much value in choosing a trusted team for the job when you have any type of water damage in garage walls and ceilings.

One of the best ways to choose a reliable professional is by reviewing case studies like this one. In this example, Bradenton homeowners can see how AMPM Restoration responded to a call about a pipe burst that led to ceiling water damage. It demonstrates how the company’s highly trained contractors can deliver full-service solutions, which include

  • Repairing the Pipe
  • Cleaning up the Water Damage
  • Repairing Ceiling

Continue reading to find out more about the details of this water damage restoration in Bradenton, FL.

The Problem: Ceiling Water Damage in Garage

Though Bradenton, FL is no stranger to flooding, it’s not always hurricanes and heavy rains that can leave a home in need of water damage restoration services. In this particular case, the water damage was caused by a plumbing issue.

AMPM Restoration received a call from the homeowner on the morning of January 19th, stating that their house had suffered water damage from a pipe burst. The water damage was primarily limited to the ceiling, but there were also some issues with water soaking into the walls. Unfortunately, the drywall on the ceiling suffered significant damage, and large pieces of it fell down, leaving behind a mess of building materials.

The good news was that the water damage only affected the garage, and the flow of water could be stopped quickly once it was identified. Upon AMPM Restorations’ arrival, they were able to immediately identify the source of the problem and develop a custom restoration plan to get the property back to its pre-loss condition right away.

The Process AMPM Restoration Used to Repair the Ceiling Water Damage

As a comprehensive water damage restoration contractor, AMPM Restoration offers a variety of services. For this task, they were in charge of the following steps.

Repairing the Burst Pipe

Before any of the major restoration work could be completed, the contractors had to resolve the issue with the burst pipe. Otherwise, the ceiling water damage would just continue. Fortunately, the experts of AMPM Restoration have worked on plenty of cases like this, so they knew exactly how to replace the damaged pipe quickly and efficiently.

Cleaning up the Water Damage in Garage

From there, the crews got to work cleaning up the mess caused by the ceiling water damage. They removed all the debris from the broken building materials, including the large chunks of drywall. They also removed any of the waste that occurred during the pipe repair process.

Once the trash had been removed from the property, they began the drying process. They worked to get the water damage in garage walls dried out as quickly as possible to prevent further damage or mold growth. Fortunately, since the flooring of the garage was a solid, non-porous material, they did not have to do extensive water extraction with vacuums or remove any of the floor. It was simple enough to just wipe the water up.

After the water was all dried, AMPM crews worked to sanitize the surfaces in the garage. This step is crucial when dealing with any water that isn’t completely clean because it prevents mold from growing.

Repairing the Ceiling Drywall

The last step of the restoration process was to repair the ceiling water damage. This process involved putting up new drywall and inspecting the rest of the ceiling to make sure that all signs of damage were restored.

With the help of a rebuild team, AMPM Restoration was able to get the entire water damage restoration process done in just a few days. By the following Tuesday, everything was back to its original condition prior to the burst pipe. The customer was delighted with the team’s quick response and restoration.

Water damage in garage ceilings might not be as destructive as a hurricane, but it’s still a project that should be left to a team of professionals. When you need help with a burst pipe or any other kind of water damage in your home, you can trust AMPM Restoration to get the job done quickly without ever compromising the quality of their work. You can contact the experts for 24/7 emergency services by calling (941) 999-3361, or you can submit their online form to request a free quote.

February 9, 2023